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Why Mandarin Is Important in Malaysia

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by Miss Lim Mandarin (MAMA)

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Friday, 19 May 2023

Interesting Facts

The Magic of Mandarin: Why It's Important in Malaysia

Many People Speak Mandarin

Why do we say Mandarin is important? Well, that's because a lot of people in Malaysia speak Mandarin. About a quarter of our population are Chinese Malaysians, and they usually know how to speak Mandarin. That's a lot of people, right? So, if we learn Mandarin, we can talk and make friends with more people.

Mandarin Helps in Business

Have you ever heard your parents talk about business? A lot of things that we use and play with, like toys, gadgets, and clothes, come from China. And guess what language people in China speak? Yes, you're right! They speak Mandarin. If we can speak Mandarin, we can help in business or start our own when we grow up. How cool is that?

Mandarin Makes Travel Fun

Remember the last time you traveled to a place where people speak a different language? It was a bit hard, right? Now, imagine if we know Mandarin, and we visit China, Taiwan, or Singapore. We won't be confused because we can understand and talk to the locals. That makes traveling a lot more fun!

Mandarin is a Door to a Different Culture

Just like how each of us has our favorite food, games, and holidays, people who speak Mandarin have their own too. By learning Mandarin, we can understand more about their culture, traditions, and festivals like the Chinese New Year and the Mooncake Festival. Isn't it exciting to learn about different cultures?

Learning Mandarin is Fun!

Many of you might think learning a new language is tough. But guess what? Learning Mandarin can be really fun! It's like drawing because the Chinese characters are like beautiful pictures. And once you learn it, it's like having a secret code language with your friends!


So, Mandarin is a great language that can help us make more friends, do business, travel easily, and learn about exciting new cultures. Just like how we enjoy speaking Bahasa Malaysia and English, we can also enjoy speaking Mandarin. So, why not give it a try? Happy learning, friends!

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profile pic in circle.png
Miss Lim has coached over 5000+ students in learning Malaysian Mandarin. She is a certified HRDCorp trainer and able to speak 5 languages which are Mandarin, Hokkien, Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Cantonese.
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