In 3 Months, you can speak
from ZERO knowledge

Improve your employability
Mix well with Chinese colleagues and clients

No.1 Malaysian Style
Mandarin Speaking Course


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Malaysian Native Speaker 
Not Taiwan slang 
Not China slang 
Exactly for MALAYSIANS! 

You might have learned Mandarin through online platform, app or any other courses 

BUT ... You feel can't really communicate with Malaysia native speakers 

Because in Malaysia,

We need Malaysia style Mandarin speaking

We've learned it wrong from Taiwan & China accent 

or even from non-native speakers
(The tones are incorrect)


Experience taught over 697 students 
from 7 countries  
speak 5 languages give you
Systematic & Proven Lessons

Sometimes you're busy  

Missing any class is a waste  

NOW, You can learn at


Give you the PROVEN tricks and formula 

to speak correct pronunciation & tones 

to remember confusing phrases

solve your myths 

   solve your problems 

Based on my previous experience,
high chance that you would miss a class,
when something came in.
I don't want you to miss any precious lesson ... because you've paid it! 

In this course, general lessons are
pre-recorded and

combine with live classes to make sure you can complete the whole course at your own pace 

With personalised coaching 
Yes, in this Mandarin course
you'll get 

 1-to-1 coaching 


Each student may have different scenarios or moments which need to use Mandarin 

When you need to go for an interview
you need a personalised coaching 

When you need to go on stage for a speech,
you need a personalised coaching

When you want to confess 
you need a personalised coaching 

Most importantly,
you gain the CONFIDENCE to speak Mandarin


Once you've completed the course 
You'll receive   
 Certificate with HRDF logo

With HRDF certified,
your cert is powerful

HRDF is a gov agency in human resource

so your cert is easily recognised
by your interviewer / HR manager

We teach you 99.99%
Native Speakers Mandarin
That's completely applicable in real life 


Not those very formal one 
that sounds weird 

❌ menonton televisyen 
✅ tengok TV

The lessons is aimed to help you
to communicate with Chinese
in Malaysia on daily basis


FREE 90 minute masterclass

What our previous students say? 

Mr. Fakhruddin wants to expand his business into Chinese market

Ms. Kinney is surrounded by Chinese colleagues
Through MAMA course helps her to improve relationships with colleagues


Ms. Atika close more sales
After learning MAMA Course 

Wait no more! 
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