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No.1 Malaysia-style Online 
Mandarin Speaking Course

Even with ZERO knowledge you can speak Mandarin in 3 months 

(That's the result you want to get!)

Do you know that not all Mandarin are the same???

Professionals join MAMA Course

How's Our Course Works? 

Exactly how is this course different from others?

Yes, the MAMA course is created to serve the demand of Malaysians to speak with Malaysian Chinese with the best cultural fit. It is the right course for you if: 

 You're staying in Malaysia

 You're an adult (17 years old and above)

 You want to communicate with Malaysian Chinese


MAMA vs.
Other Mandarin Courses

Other Mandarin Courses

Lessons, PDFs, Slides

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Malaysia-style Mandarin

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Teach you exactly how native speakers speak in daily life

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Topics highly relevant to daily life

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Syllabus created based on real-life experiences & not from any textbooks

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Formula & tricks

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MAMA Teaches You
How to Speak Like a
Native Malaysian Chinese!

Yes, MAMA teaches you EVERYTHING that you need to communicate with local Chinese.

Malaysian Chinese culture! 
Learn exactly how native speakers speak!
Systematic ways of learning
Even native speakers never realize they speak like that 

Focus on
Speaking & Listening 

You don't need to learn Chinese characters to be able to speak. It's the same that not knowing tulisan Jawi, but still being able to speak Bahasa Malaysia.

Most of the courses out there will teach you reading & writing as well, that's actually stealing your time! By focusing on listening & speaking triple your learning efficiency 


About Us 

MAMA stands for Malaysia Mandarin which has over 5232 students who have gone through our system in learning Malaysia-style Mandarin speaking. Miss Lim is a certified HRDCorp trainer & Malaysian native speaker of Mandarin. She knows a total of 5 languages including Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien, Cantonese, and English. Her students come from Malaysia, Singapore, UK, US, Australia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. 

Ever Wonder Why Is This Course Being Created? 

A few years ago, when I was teaching Mandarin, I had a student. Mr. Q is motivated to learn. He wanted to learn Mandarin for his Chinese girlfriend.

One day, during class, he asked me, “Miss Lim, do you speak like this in daily life?”

I said, “Not really, I would say it like this …”

That was the moment, I didn’t even realize what I had been teaching was not practical in daily life. After that day I keep asking myself why I teach something that students can’t use, what’s the point of them learning it?

I felt very guilty and lost the passion to teach Mandarin during that time. I kept asking myself, “Do I want to continue teaching Mandarin like this?”

The answer is No. I decided to teach real Mandarin. I decided to teach applicable knowledge. I want students who come here to take away the knowledge and skills which they can use in their daily life.

And that’s how the MAMA (Malaysia Mandarin) course came out!

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Miss Lim

The Learning Process 

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Learn Anytime Anywhere
Flexible learning with short video lessons which can utilize your break time. Best suit for doctors or people with working shifts.
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1on1 Coaching
Able to ask our MAMA coach any Mandarin related questions just a text away. Get your personalised feedback and improve fast!
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Speaking Partners
Get someone with a similar level of proficiency where you can practice speaking in a small group. You can practice at your own pace. 
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1on1 Personalised Coaching 

The pronunciation & tones might gonna scare you out. You can consult us to ensure you have the perfect pronunciation & tones.

Also, it's frustrating to have some Mandarin problems where difficult to Google the right answers. With a click, you can ask us directly through WhatsApp and we give you the Ah-Ha! moment.


Consult your tones & pronunciation 
Ask Mandarin questions that you would like to have a native speaker answer 
Check your sentences 
Ask something personalized to your career in Mandarin

System & Formula

Students learn systematically and you just need to follow the sequence from A-Z, no need to learn from here & there and make things complicated. 

We have created the formula & tricks that make learning efficiency increase by 221.8%. As my mum says study smart!

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14 Day Do-The-Work
Money-Back Guarantee

Terms & Conditions Apply

Risk-free To Give Best Try Of Our Course 

Free Masterclass Details 

The free masterclass is carried out in a group, and you no need to turn on your camera, so you can feel comfortable learning without awkwardness. 

Your 90 minutes are valuable for us and we promise to bring you values.
Here are what you'll learn in the masterclass: 
Top 3 Differences between Malaysia & China Mandarin
10 Words Used by Malaysia Native Speakers 
10 Particles that You Never Know Will Bring Different Meanings
Real Life Case Studies
6 Steps PROVEN Framework to Master Mandarin Speaking 


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